lördag, oktober 29, 2005

The Colbert Report. Simply hilarious.

In his new show, The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert parodies the right-wing pundits of FOX News and other networks. The whole show is available for viewing online. Take a look at the segment in which Colbert interviews Lou Dobbs; the bit where he alternately chastises Katie Holmes and congratulates Tom Cuise; and "The Word" piece in which Colbert rants about financial decadence. Be sure to read the text that appears during his rants. Absolutely hilarious.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Are you kidding? This show is awful. I had to turn it off halfway through the other night. I liked him on The Daily Show, but he's so far removed from Jon Stewart in both style and substance that it's painful to watch. I'm already in Death Watch Mode: how long before Comedy Central pulls the plug? I say the show doesn't last beyond Christmas. We'll see.

Unknown sa...

I guess we disagree then! I find the show hugely entertaining.