lördag, oktober 29, 2005

The Colbert Report. Simply hilarious.

In his new show, The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert parodies the right-wing pundits of FOX News and other networks. The whole show is available for viewing online. Take a look at the segment in which Colbert interviews Lou Dobbs; the bit where he alternately chastises Katie Holmes and congratulates Tom Cuise; and "The Word" piece in which Colbert rants about financial decadence. Be sure to read the text that appears during his rants. Absolutely hilarious.

fredag, oktober 28, 2005

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söndag, oktober 23, 2005

...och bilen var fin den med...

onsdag, oktober 19, 2005

Folkpartiet is teh shit.

Moderaterna blir arbetarparti!

Moderaterna blir arbetarparti!

World of Warcraft möter Lord of the rings

Och då kan det lätt se illa ut...

måndag, oktober 17, 2005


Kvinnor med klass är teh shit!


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onsdag, oktober 12, 2005

Widescreen, jojomen!



En gamnacke till!


tisdag, oktober 11, 2005

Texas is best!

Here's something for Herr Lundh: Total Film's Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time. I see some of your favorites in the top 10!

TKing for fun and profit

The Guide to Team Killing is hilarious to read, but I woulnd't want to be in a game with the author.

You know it!



Eh, okej?


måndag, oktober 10, 2005

Remember, Google is your friend.

Don't you hate it when someone asks a question he could have answered with a quick Google search? Next time you get a question like this, reply with this link:

Here is how to find the answer.

The cost of unpopular speech

The Florida man who runs nowthatsfuckedup.com, has been arrested and charged with obscenity for publishing gruesome photos taken by soldiers in Iraq.

If you don't like what war looks like, don't go to war.

Söt clown!

Jag förväntar mig att se honom hos Häggman när Elin eller Noel fyller år!

söndag, oktober 09, 2005

Gamnacke? Gamrygg!

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