tisdag, mars 28, 2006

UT tunnel map

According to an article in the Daily Texan last month, attorneys for the University of Texas (my alma mater) requested the removal of a rough map of the campus' underground utility tunnels that was made by an unknown explorer. I did some digging of my own (on the web), and managed to locate a copy. In the interests of freedom of information, here is the map.

More discussion of the UT tunnel system can be found in alt.college.tunnels newsgroup, on the Urban Explorers web site, and on a couple of blogs.

fredag, mars 17, 2006

Min första video!

Som jag laddat upp på google video alltså:

onsdag, mars 15, 2006

tisdag, mars 14, 2006

Magnus Martensson is a file sharer.

Everyone's favorite torrent tracker site, The Pirate Bay, was the topic of an interesting article in Wired News today. The article discusses the site's prominent role both in Sweden and internationally. There is also a bit on the current debate over file sharing in Sweden.

I especially liked The Evidence Machine, a handy tool created to show how easily screenshots can be manipulated. Below we see incontrivertable proof that IFPI's Magnus Martensson is a file sharer.

Naturally I would have no reason to doctor the image.

måndag, mars 13, 2006

onsdag, mars 08, 2006

Variety pack 1

Nude beach.


I said sit!

“You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Can I get you a drink, honey?

“Sorry, we're open.”

Owned by da pope.