söndag, augusti 26, 2007


"Tom Wood, a Year 10 Australian student has cracked the federal government's $84-million Internet porn filter in just 30 minutes.

torsdag, augusti 23, 2007

I believe you have my staple...

Popular Science reports that Swingline is developing staples with RFID chips on them.

fredag, augusti 17, 2007

Darwin award-kandidat

In June, a 17-year-old boy survived but was seriously injured when he fell about 75 feet onto some rocks at California's Mount Diablo State Park. He had climbed over a handrail in order to fake a fall so that his pals could capture the plunge on video to put on his MySpace Web page. [San Jose Mercury News, 6-12-07]


torsdag, augusti 16, 2007

tisdag, augusti 14, 2007

En enkel illustration

SCOs aktie under de senaste tre månaderna. PWN3D!

SCO Aktien faller fritt

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