torsdag, juni 28, 2007

onsdag, juni 27, 2007

Sound advice

Wow, Miriam knows her stuff!

tisdag, juni 26, 2007

måndag, juni 25, 2007


I don't know what this guys major malfunction is, but it's something big. Not only is he a crazy gunslinging redneck, he appears to be emotionally invested in an open relationship with two realdolls.


torsdag, juni 21, 2007

onsdag, juni 20, 2007

måndag, juni 18, 2007

Märklig fråga

Expressen ställer märkliga frågor idag.

tisdag, juni 12, 2007

måndag, juni 11, 2007

onsdag, juni 06, 2007


501a inlägget

Owned by the Tombstone

If this doesn't make your palms sweat, you ain't human.

fredag, juni 01, 2007