måndag, augusti 30, 2004

söndag, augusti 29, 2004

fredag, augusti 27, 2004

Fula fiskar!

Jag hittade precis den här länken till fula fiskar.

Det lever riktigt grymma varelser nere i djupet!

torsdag, augusti 26, 2004

Owned by stuff

I thought I had trouble throwing things away. Now I realize that I'm normal. This woman is a pack rat.

onsdag, augusti 25, 2004

Finnish disco lesson

Speaking of stupid disco... for your viewing pleasure, I present the famous Finnish disco lesson. As with many instances of ownage, the ownee doesn't even realize how owned he is. It's sad, really. But amusing too. Owned!

tisdag, augusti 24, 2004

"Call on Me" music video

Here's a still from the video Häggman mentioned. I think this counts as "owned by the 80s." The makeup, clothes and boom box are all 1980s vintage. It makes be want to join an aerobics class.

fredag, augusti 20, 2004

Ibland klär folk ut sig till sin favorit i dataspel. Ibland blir det bra och ibland mindre bra... Näst sista bilden, längs till vänster är INTE OK och helt klart i en klass för sig själv i detta looosers hall of shame!
Ägd av spandex? Och bra låt eller är det bara jag?

I´ll take you all to f**king hell!

Don´t mess with this guy!

torsdag, augusti 19, 2004


The SCO smackdown continues. Today IBM filed for summary judgement on its eighth counterclaim, namely that SCO had distributed IBM code in violation of IBM's copyright. The code was released in SCO's Linux products under the GPL. SCO has since disavowed the GPL; IBM cliams SCO has violated the GPL. Go, Big Blue!

tisdag, augusti 17, 2004

Real Owned

Real Networks's Freedom of Music Choice site purports to reveal a massive groundswell of public sentiment behind Real's effort to convince Apple to open up the iPod to competitors' music services. Whatever you think of the merits of Real's position, the site is blatant one-sided proaganda. In an attempt to show all the grassroots support for their position, Real started a petition. Well, this kinda sotra backfired when nine out of ten of the signatories added comments critical of Real. Now they're trying to cover it up. Real put up a new petition that does not allow signatories to add comments.

Freedom of choice is apparently a good thing, but freedom of speech is to be discouraged when said speech is incompatible with corporate goals. The original petition, complete with comments, is still online. Owned!


Okej jag vet att det bara är på skoj men iallafall!

tisdag, augusti 10, 2004

Super man?

Eller Superman?